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The Garden of Prayer
(Garden of Prayer I)



The Garden of Prayer (Garden of Prayer I) by Thomas Kinkade
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Old Walnut Frame
The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only. Yours will be the edition and cert # you purchased.

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Kinkade clients and collectors often purchase a Kinkade painting at a time of great loss.
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The Garden of Prayer
  with Custom Brass Memorial Plaque in the name of your loved one.  

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The Garden of Prayer
Thomas Kinkade
In Memory of John Smith, beloved husband, father and brother

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About This Painting:

Thomas Kinkade said
"Perhaps in a garden we are closer to our Creator. We certainly are closer to His creation. My prayer is that this painted garden will be a meeting place for many that would speak to their God in the silence of morning. Or the silence of evening. Or anytime in between. In our imagination we might picture His presence at our side. Or is it just our imagination? Do we see in the distance a gentle visitor approaching the gate?"

 This artwork has been highlighted by a Master Highlighter 
~~ embellished to bring out the vibrancy and glow that Thomas Kinkade is so famous for.

Extra Certificate of Master Highlighting included

The Garden of Prayer is the first painting in Thomas Kinkade's popular Garden of Prayer series. The other paintings in the Garden of Prayer collection are Pools of Serenity and The Hour of Prayer.

The Garden of Prayer is Thomas Kinkade's most peaceful and thought provoking paintings to date.

"I feel like this piece has been with me all of my life. I am drawn to it. For some reason, it was now that I was called to put it on canvas. The seven pools were not calculated, they just happened." - Thomas Kinkade
The Garden of Prayer Features 7 hidden N's in tribute to his wife, Nanette and depicts an ornate copper and stone monument next to a stream with 7 pools that empty into each other representing the seven pools of life. Light shines through the trees, highlighting the flowers and the monument's ornate copper dome. In the distance is a figure on the path. Who could this figure be?

The Garden of Prayer is the artistic debut of Winsor Kinkade, Thomas Kinkade's daughter. She painted one of the calla lillies while sitting on her father's lap! This artwork is the first Kinkade painting to feature calla lillies which celebrate Easter and resurrection.

The Garden of Prayer along with "Bridge of Faith" is the most sold out, most desired, most wanted and fastest sell out of all time!

++++ Limited Edition FRAMED Signed and Numbered (S/N) CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

++++ Tom created this painting in 1997

Current UNFRAMED retail value of this artwork is

++++  Hand Embellished by a Master Highlighter  ~~This is a Luminous Work of Art that shines! This is also one of the artworks that change the time of day depending how much light you are shining on it. With medium light it looks like sunset, with more light it reflects back as if it is sunrise ~~ Pure magic! (At the time of purchase you will receive coaching on lighting with dimmer switch)

++++ 18" x 24" CANVAS Framed in your choice of Brandy with fluted roses or Antique Gold approx 26" x 32" Museum Quality Old Walnut Frame ~~ ready to hang!

++++ Brass plaque "Garden of Prayer ~~Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Custom Brass Memorial Plaque naming your loved one

++++ Signed with a forgery-proof DNA Matrix signature

++++ Certificate of Master Highlighting included

++++ Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation included

++++ Theme: Gazebo, stream, landscape, flowers.

++++About the Signed and Numbered Edition ~~

Signed and Numbered (S/N) Canvas
Standard Numbered and Signed & Numbered Canvas Lithograph Limits vary by release. Individually Hand Highlighted with oil paint. The artist's authorized security signature featuring DNA technology. Individually hand numbered. Corresponding Certificate of Authenticity. Before May 1997 the Signed & Numbered and A/P,G/P and P/P were ALL personally hand signed by Thomas Kinkade.
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