Welcome to Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring!!

Welcome to Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring!!Gobble Gobble Gobble!! That's Turkey Talk for WELCOME! I am so excited because I now have my very own WebRing!! I do believe I am the FIRST if not the ONLY turkey to actually own a ring!! As you can see, there aren't too many members yet, but with your help, my new ring will GROW!!!

To join this ring
Your site or webpage must be Thanksgiving-related (although I am referring to the American Thanksgiving celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November, other National Thanksgivings such as the Canadian Thanksgiving held on the 2nd Monday in October are also welcome!)
NOTE: If your site is only temporary for the season, you are still welcome to join. However, removal of Thanksgiving-related material will result in your site being removed from the ring.
Your site must be family-friendly and kid-safe.
COMMERCIAL SITES WELCOME --BUT you must include substantial non-commercial Thanksgiving content... this ring is not a shopping mall.
Because some turkeys surf the web using Netscape and others use Explorer, I do ask that your Thanksgiving pages to be compatable (viewable) with either browser.
While you are a member of the ring, you must install and display a webring "NavBar" like the one below because it links the pages in the ring together. The page where you intend to place the NavBar MUST be the page URL submitted on your ring application.
  • Due to technical reasons, NO redirect URLs (using a service like goto.com to redirect visitors to your site) can be accepted! You must use the actual URL of the page.
  • If you use a Framed Page layout, the NavBar must be located on one of the visible opening framed pages (you can use the opening frameset URL on the ring application form).
  • If you plan on placing your NavBar on a Ring Page or Links Page, you MUST
    • Submit the Ring Page or Links Page URL on the application form.
    • Provide a direct link to your Thanksgiving Pages from your Ring Page or Links Page.
    • Include a link on your Thanksgiving Pages that will allow your visitors to easily return to your Ring Page or Links Page where the NavBar is located (OR, place a duplicate NavBar on your Thanksgiving Pages).
If you have any questions about NavBar placement, please feel free to contact me.
Tom G. Turkey's WebRing management reserves the unconditional right to refuse membership to any site/applicant and to remove any site from this WebRing for any reason without notice.
(Sorry, my Lawyer said I had to say that.)

The WebRing "NavBar"
Do not copy this code for your page!
Come join Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring
Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring by tom_g_turkey
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The NavBar contains the links necessary to connect your page to all the other member pages in the ring. To make the NavBar work, you need to add (copy/paste) a small piece of HTML code (actually a small JavaScript) to your page. When you apply to the ring, you will be provided a UNIQUE NavBar code customized for your page. You do not want to copy/past the ring code displayed above, because it contains the wrong code for your page!
If you already have a NavBar from another ring on your page then you do not need to add another copy of the NavBar code to your page (at least in most cases you won't -- there are a couple exceptions). The "Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring" portion of the NavBar will be automatically added to your current NavBar stack (group of navbars). If, after joining this ring, the Tom Turkey NavBar does not appear in your NavBar stack, then you will most likely have to install a copy of the new NavBar code.

Happy Turkey Day! Happy Turkey Day! Happy Turkey Day!
I Wanna join Tom Turkey's Ring!!

-§- Member Stuff -§-

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any queries or problems.

Welcome to Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring!!

insure the integrity of my ring, the ring is managed with periodic checks to insure that
each member page is ok. Any pages that no longer exist or no longer have thanksgiving-related subject matter are removed from the ring.

You too can help keep the ring unbroken by e-mailing me if there's a problem with any site in the ring. Please report problems such as sites that crash your browser or have inappropriate content for example. It is also to your benifit if you periodically (every month or so) check Your NavBar "Next" and "Previous" links to ensure your part of the ring is working ok.
When reporting a problem, try to include as much information as possible so I can find the broken site. Include the Site Name, owner ID, and URL if known. All reports of problems will remain confidential.

You can help Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Ring grow!
If you come across or happen to know of any other suitable sites which you would like to see in Tom Turkey's Ring, please feel free to invite them over to

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Please feel free to send suggestions, ideas, and comments at any time.

Labelled with ICRA SafeSurf Rated for All Ages Tom Turkey's WebRing is a Certified FamilyFriendly Website!

The Thanksgiving Ring
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