How much do you know about the American Stars and Stripes? Here are a few questions, some easy, and others hard to test your knowledge. Click on the Flag next to the question to see the answer.
Good Luck!
When was the Stars and Stripes first authorized by Congress as the national ensign?
Who designed the first Stars and Stripes?
The stars on the flag represent what?
The stripes on the flag represent what?
How many stars and strips does the Star Spangled Banner have?
The current flag has 13 red and white stripes. How many are red?
What do the three colors on the flag; red, white, and blue represent?
How did the nickname "Old Glory" come about?
When the Stars and Stripes is displayed with other flags, where is it placed?
If the flag is suspended over a street, where is the canton placed?
What is the canton?
What does it mean if the flag is flying upside down?
Where and when was the first 50-star US flag flown?
Here is one for you vets. Have you ever seen a color guard do an about-face?

Greg's Tribute to the American Independence Day
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