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Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclee on CANVAS
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Kincaid Kinkaid Kincade

Freedom The painting "Freedom" depicts images of the Statue of Liberty standing tall over soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima, firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero, American presidents on Mount Rushmore and an Astronaut planting an American flag on the moon. The painting was done immediately after 9/11 and as a tribute to America.
This one is for those with a military/political/law enforcement connection
  • For those who want a patriotic type gift for someone who served our country
  • For those that have served themselves in the armed forces
  • For those who put their lives on the line in military, coast guard, firemen (notice the tribute to NYFD) any form of law enforcement, or support to any of these groups.
  • For those who especially moved and emotionally impacted by 9/11 as this painting was done immediately after the Artist visited Ground Zero after September 11th.

++++ Limited Edition Hand Embellished (H/E) Giclee on CANVAS with oil highlighting personally done by the Artist Cao Yong

++++ Only 2001 Hand Embellished in the world!

++++ Actual canvas size 21" x 30"

++++ Price includes 33" x 42" Antique gold or Brandy frame ~~ ask me to Email you close-ups of frames

++++ Handsigned in gold by the Artist on the canvas, Additional hand signature on the certificate of authenticity

++++ Cao Yong is carried by most Fine Art Galleries in the US. He is most renowned in Japan, where his paintings hang in the most prestigious museums.

++++ Cao Yong has decided to make the US his home and after 3 years in New York ~~now lives in Los Angeles.

++++ Cao Yong was invited to NASA where he presented this painting~~ CLICK HERE to read article by Johnson Space Center Features.

If you desire this painting in the larger sizes ~~ 30.5"x 43.5" & 42" x 60" please Email me. Also Email me if you desire other paintings by Cao Yong, Venice series, Paris Series, Moonlight landscapes, seascapes, etc.

+++++And here is what the Artist said about this painting "Freedom" +++++
"New York City was the first place In which I lived upon immigrating to America. Although I lived there for three years, I never realized how much the city meant to me. Never, that is, until the morning of September 11, 2001: from my home far away in California, as I watched the Twin Towers collapse on my television screen, my heart shattered into a million pieces along with them. It was at that moment that I realized how deeply I was attached to this remarkable city. Day after day, I mourned for New York. As 2001 drew to a close, the pain in my heart had not eased. I drove 3000 miles to visit the city - in the heart of which I had once lived, and which I now knew lived in mine.

Freedom is not just a painting; it serves as a monument -- a monument to our fearless pioneers, to our founding fathers, to our heroes, past and present, who devoted their lives to the high cause of peace, and to the many generations who have pursued, and continue to pursue, their dreams under the torch held high by the statue of liberty.

I dedicate this painting to the thousands of lives that perished during the attack of September 11. It serves to remind us that though evil may end human lives, it will never destroy the human soul."

~~ Cao Yong

~~ What is a Giclee Oil Canvas? ~~
This is a new form of fine art reproduction.

Giclee reproduction uses high tech ~~ 4 million droplets per second, whirls onto paper spinning on a drum at 250 inches per second. Hence the name Giclee, French for "fine spray."

Precise computer calculations control four ink jets that together produce 512 shades of dense, ink. The information controlling the jets comes directly from a computer - no printing film or plates are involved. The computer's information is scanned directly from the artist's original work. The artwork emerges, lush and velvety, with the feel of and brush strokes of the original oil. . These artist/technicians have gone beyond all of the boundaries of current technoloy, cutomizing their quipment, creating new computer programs, even developing special inks and protective coatings - science, bent to the will of the artist.

From this marriage of art and science we celebrate the emergence of the Giclee fine art - a precise reproduction of an artist' painting with the qualities of an original.. The inks have been lab tested to withstand normal home lighting conditions for hundreds of years with no fading.

Part One

In 1962, at the height of the great famine in China, an extraordinarily gifted child was born into hardship in Xinxian, a small town in Henan Province. Cao Yong's family, already struggling to find enough to eat, was suspected of disloyalty to the new government simply because a great-grandparent had once owned land, real estate, and banks, and because a grandparent had been a warlord. Cao Yong

When Cao Yong was just sixteen, his family sold their only pig so that Cao During the Cultural Revolution, this background singled the family out for harsh treatment by the Chinese authorities. Cao Yong's family was ostracized, refused residency permits, and even denied food. While other young children of his age started kindergarten, little Cao Yong began working. At age five, he found himself ferrying heavy baskets of gravel at a construction site. One day a rock pit caved in, nearly crushing the tiny boy to death under the rubble. He survived.

At age eleven his talent was recognized. He began studying with the noted artist Yu Ren from Beijing, who worked briefly in Xinxian. The shadow of ostracism followed him even to art classes, but Cao Yong's remarkable persistence challenged him to paint, and to paint better, each day. In order to buy art supplies, he pawned his winter clothes in summer, his summer clothes in winter, and often skipped meals. He painted on any material he could find: scraps of used wrapping paper, newspaper, discarded wooden boards. When his mother brought him a bundle of dirty cloth which she had begged a shop clerk to give to her, Cao Yong burst into tears of joy: at last he had canvas!.

But Cao Yong was not defeated. A year later, he returned to take the exam again; this time a recruiting professor defended him and pressed for his admission to a university. Cao Yong was admitted to Henan University, but only on the condition that he could be expelled from the school for even the slightest misconduct. Again, Cao Yong refused to be discouraged. Although he remained an outcast in the ideology-dominated environment, he excelled in his art classes. Despite constant persecution and several attempts at expulsion, he received his BFA with highest distinction in 1983.

To escape the political pressure and to pursue his love for untainted nature and humanity, Cao Yong, now twenty-one, volunteered to go to Tibet, where he became a professor of art at Tibet University. During his seven years in Tibet, Cao Yong immersed himself in the spare beauty of the isolated highlands, and embraced the distinctive Tibetan culture. With a thirsty spirit which perhaps unconsciously divined a more fulfilling future, the young teacher once trekked hundreds of miles over the Himalayas to theTibetan border and smuggled himself into neighboring Nepal, just to drink in the air of freedom for a brief moment, before returning to Tibet.

To be continued

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