** Robert Girrard (Thomas Kinkade) **
Boating Day

 This print is limited to only 490 in the world! 

Boating Day by Robert Girrard (Thomas Kinkade)
The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only. Yours will be the edition and cert # you purchased.
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Embossed "First Cottage" logo
The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only.
Yours will be the edition and cert # you purchased.

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Who is Robert Girrard
Thomas Kinkade created the �Girrard' brush name in the summer of 1984. Thom created this name to paint impressionistic work emulating the techniques of the French impressionists and the romantic imagery of late 19th century Europe. Kinkade believed a brush name would be less confusing to collectors of his romantic landscapes.

Thomas Kinkade created approximately 71 known original Girrard works, including 69 oil paintings and two pencil drawings. It is still believed there are more �Girrards' not yet located. Most original �Girrard' artworks remain in the hands of private collectors and, collectively, are worth millions of dollars.

"Boating Day"
is rare and collectible because
  • Boating Day was released in only one print edition with only 490 prints.

  • Unlike most Thomas Kinkade print editions and the Kinkade �Girrard' print editions published by The Thomas Kinkade Company, there is no reservation of a right to publish future additional editions of these images, unaltered and in their entirety. There can never be more prints of "Boating Day" than there are now!

  • "Boating Day" is one of only two images Thom personally selected to be the first �Girrards' published as limited edition fine art prints (the other is "An Evening Out").

  • "Boating Day" is only one of two Thomas Kinkade prints in existence that have the "First Cottage" blind embossed in the print border. The other print is "An Evening Out". (Thom drew the �First Cottage' so that it could be used as the logo for the Cottage Gallery, the only gallery through which Thomas Kinkade sold his original �Robert Girrard' paintings.)

  • When this print was first released in 1989 it bore only Thom's original �Girrard' signature and their purchasers had no knowledge they were buying art created by Thomas Kinkade under a brush name. It was not until December of 2001, after it had become more broadly known that �Robert Girrard' is Thomas Kinkade, that Thomas Kinkade resigned adding the Thomas Kinkade signature to the prints not yet sold. This is one of the earliest prints that was NOT double signed, placing this print in a very exclusive category.

Boating Day

++++ Limited Edition Lithograph Print on Paper (UNFRAMED)

++++ Robert Girrard (Thomas Kinkade) released this art in 1989

++++ Rare! Only  490  of this print were produced.

++++ Hand Signed with 'Robert Girrard' signature

++++ Printed on Heavy Grade Anti-acid Archival Paper that will last for generations!

++++ Image Size 20" x 30"

++++ Paper Size 25�" x 33"

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

+++++ And this is what Thomas Kinkade said about this work +++++
"Few places are as calming as the sea on a beautiful day. Boating Day invites us to relax by the sea."

~~Thomas Kinkade

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