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Autumn Lane

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition

Autumn Lane by Thomas Kinkade
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Brandy Frame
The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only. Yours will be the edition and cert # you purchased.

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Sold out from publisher for many years!
Now found only in private collections
and is only occasionally available on the secondary market.

Hand signed by Thomas Kinkade
at the back in his famous trademark signature so
this artwork is DOUBLE SIGNED!

EXTRA Certificate Included
Declaring Thomas Kinkade personally enhanced this painting

Autumn Lane
Depicts an actual country lane in Vermont and features 3 hidden N's in tribute to his wife, Nanette.

++++ Limited Edition Signed and Numbered (S/N) CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

++++ Thom created this painting in 1995

++++ Hand Embellished Oil Highlighting The painting literally glows. This is also one of the paintings that change the time of day depending how much light you are shining on it. With medium light it looks like sunset, with more light it reflects back as if it is sunrise ~~ Pure magic! (At the time of purchase you will receive coaching on lighting with dimmer switch)


  • ++++ THOMAS KINKADE HAND SIGNED signature on front of canvas

  • ++++ THOMAS KINKADE ALSO HAND SIGNED back of canvas

++++ FRAMED in a Brandy with fluted roses Museum Quality Frame ~~ ready to hang!

++++ Brass Plaque with the legend "Autumn Lane ~~ Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

++++ Extra Certificate that Thomas Kinkade personally enhanced this painting included

++++ About the Signed and Numbered Edition ~~

Signed and Numbered (S/N) Canvas
Standard Numbered and Signed & Numbered Canvas Lithograph Limits vary by release. Individually Hand Highlighted with oil paint. The artist's authorized security signature featuring DNA technology. Individually hand numbered. Corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.
Before May 1997 the Signed & Numbered and A/P,G/P and P/P were ALL personally hand signed on the front of the canvas by Thomas Kinkade.

+++++ And this is what Thomas Kinkade said about this work +++++
Autumn is the perfect season for hiking the countryside. The air is crisp and invigorating; the light radiant and alive. Vistas painted crimson, gold and flaming orange by the frost-touched trees await the delighted walker around each bend.

Autumn Lane follows a rural road into the cool depths of an autumn forest. The season is rich with the pleasures of the season; the quiet shadows are deep, the morning lights brilliant; the hardwoods are simply on fire with their autumn colors.

In a much admired earlier tribute to the season, I entered an Autumn Gate to discover the elegant pleasures of a grant country estate. By contrast, the joys of the Autumn Lane are rustic; here is the merest hint of a human presence in the few standing boards of an ancient, weathered fence.

I find that a country lane is a lovely invitation to my imagination. On my rambles, I delight in anticipating what might lie around the next bend in the road; but I'm often startled by nature's beauty. So be my guest - try to guess what you'll see next on my Autumn Lane. But prepare to be surprised.

~~Thomas Kinkade

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