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Split Rock Light
("Lighthouse Landmarks I")

Gallery Proof Limited Edition

Split Rock Light (Lighthouse Landmarks I)by Thomas Kinkade
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"I love lighthouses. The severe, uncompromising life of service lived by lonely lighthouse keepers possesses a special dignity. Poised between the last outcroppings of land and the vast expanse of the ocean, the lighthouse has become a profound symbol of human life, poised as it is between the transitory and the eternal."
- Thomas Kinkade

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This edition has been sold out for many years and is no longer available in the galleries or from the publisher. Now only found in private collections.

Seaside artworks are one of Thomas Kinkade's most popular subjects. The call of the ocean and crashing waves on rocky cliffs appeal to those who love the sea such as Navy sailors, Merchant Marines, Coast Guard, and anyone who has ever challenged the sea in a boat or ship.

Split Rock Light("Lighthouse Landmarks I")
First of two paintings in Thomas Kinkade's Lighthouse Landmarks series. The other painting in the collection is Cape Hatteras Light.

++++ Limited Edition FRAMED Gallery Proof (G/P) CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

++++ Thom created this painting in 2001.

++++ Hand Embellished Oil Highlighting The artwork literally glows. This is also one of the artworks that change the time of day depending how much light you are shining on it. With medium light it looks like sunset, with more light it reflects back as if it is sunrise ~~ Pure magic! (At the time of purchase you will receive coaching on lighting with dimmer switch)

++++   20" x 24" CANVAS Framed in your choice of approx 28" x 32"  Redwood Burl, Antique Gold or Brandy with fluted roses Museum Quality Frame ~~ ready to hang!
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++++ Brass Plaque with legend "Split Rock Light ~~ Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Gold Foil Remarque on front of canvas

++++ Signed with a forgery-proof DNA Matrix signature

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

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Gallery Proof Edition (G/P)
Gallery Proofs are issued in quantities significantly smaller than S/N. They can be distinguished from the S/N edition by the unique gold foil remarque stamped onto the image and the designation of G/P in the numbering process.

+++++ And this is what Thomas Kinkade said about this work +++++
"I am intrigued by lighthouses. Erected in locations of great peril, they often stand in settings of remarkable beauty and drama as well. Where nature is most powerful, it can also be majestic.

That is especially true of Split Rock Light erected on the towering cliffs of Lake Superior's north shore in Minnesota to light the way for the massive ore carriers that moved a rich treasure of iron ore through from mines in Canada and the U.S. As I gaze on this beetling cliff, I begin to understand the legend of the Sirens, whose wild and beautiful song drew ships to wreck on their perilous rocks. Surely, beauty such as this might call even a plodding barge to its ruin.

Split Rock Light was built in 1910 and continued to guide ships through stormy waters until 1969 when the Minnesota park service took over its management. Now it is perhaps the most visited lighthouse in the U.S. Guests who make the long drive are rewarded by a breathtaking view of the rugged limestone light overlooking a majestic promontory.

I've employed artistic license in an effort to capture the drama in Split Rock Light - a romanticized moonlit portrayal of the glorious lighthouse - so you can enjoy this unparalleled view without having to drive the long, rural highway.

~~Thomas Kinkade

~~ Split Rock Light ~~

~~~ Shipwrecks from a mighty 1905 November gale prompted this rugged landmark's construction. Completed by the U.S. Lighthouse Service in 1910, Split Rock Light Station was soon one of Minnesota's best known landmarks. Restored to its 1920s appearance, the lighthouse offers a glimpse of lighthouse life in this remote and spectacular setting.

~~~ Two Harbors, Minnesota Split Rock Light is unusual, being a complete 20th century light station, with a tower, keeper's house, fog signal building, and oil house all constructed in 1910. The lens is a gorgeous Third Order bivalve Fresnel that looks like a big clamshell rather than the traditional beehive look. The lens contains 242 separate prisms, and was manufactured by Barbier, Bernard, and Turenne of Paris.

~~~ The light can be seen for 22 miles. The lens rotates, giving off a flashing white beam. The light was deactivated in 1969, and today is lit once a year on the anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Part of the incentive for building Split Rock was the Lighthouse Board's concern that "the unusual magnetic attractions in the neighborhood make navigation difficult in thick weather." The tower stands atop a 130 foot high cliff.

~~~ The height of this site makes for a spectacular view out over Lake Superior and along the rocky shoreline. It is said to be the most visited Lighthouse in all of the US.

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