Thomas Kinkade's Ghost

An original oil on canvas by Thomas Kinkade.

Thomas Kinkade named this piece "The Fisherman."

We have renamed it Thomas Kinkade's Ghost to tell what we think is the real story behind this piece.

Painted in 2010, this piece is, in our opinion, a hauntingly honest and unsparingly existential self-portrait of Thomas Kinkade.

Painted after the artist had had separated from Nanette, his wife of twenty-eight years, Kinkade's drinking at that time had spiraled out of control and he was in very poor health. Kinkade had unending business pressures on him.

Thomas Kinkade was alone in the world in 2010 and this painting shows it.

The solitary figure is enveloped by a dark and ominous cerulean sky. The broad brushstrokes of the painting mark a notable departure from Kinkade's elegant and refined brushstrokes seen in his other works.

Nevertheless, the oversized hands on the figure show Thomas Kinkade's supreme confidence in his ability to paint. Indeed, during his lifetime Thomas Kinkade's paintings fueled an astonishing four billion dollars in sales and created an art empire unmatched in world history.

Thomas Kinkade was a true rags to riches American success story; he had made his fortune by hard work and despite his critics. Kinkade refused to be bowed or broken and this self-portrait shows his iron resolve to persevere in the face of adversity. 

For anyone who knows Kinkade's work, the stark admissions in this self-portrait are stunning: There is no Christian fish symbol, no John 3:16 reference. God is nowhere to be seen in the encroaching darkness.  Overtaken by despair and world-weariness, the "Painter of Light" has gone dark.

Two years after he painted this piece, Thomas Kinkade would be dead.

April 6, 2012: Thomas Kinkade died at age 54 in his mansion in the exclusive enclave of  Monte Sereno, California. There was a staggering boom in the sales of Thomas Kinkade's work when he died.

The Fisherman, an unacknowledged self-portrait, now stands as a singular "artist's statement" about the last two years of Thomas Kinkade's life.

This one-of-a-kind piece has now become Thomas Kinkade's Ghost.


This is an inheritance item which can stay in the family through successive
generations while continuously gain in value ~~
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Patrick, brother of Thomas Kinkade, stated
Thomas painted "The Fisherman" in 2010 while Thomas was staying with him in Texas.

** Thomas Kinkade **
"The Fisherman"

  • The painting is in flawless and mint condition.
  • Framed in a Museum Quality frame
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • The size of this painting is 16" x 20"
  • Extra Certificate that Thomas Kinkade personally enhanced this painting
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The Fisherman by Thomas Kinkade


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Certificate of Authenticity
The Fisherman by Thomas Kinkade

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