Why We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

          A Pilgrim woman told her husband it would be nice to invite the Indians over for dinner to thank them for all their help since the arrival at Plymouth Rock. She asked him to go hunting and catch a nice big pheasant so they could have a celebration. The husband, having just gotten off the boat, wasn't much of a hunter, but he did his best and set a snare along a small path in the woods.

          A short while later, a pheasant came down the path and noticed the circle of strings. "Gee," it said, "That looks like a trap. Someone could get hurt in one of those." And the pheasant gingerly stepped around the trap.

          Soon, another pheasant came down the path and saw the snare. "Gosh!" it said. "A bird could get caught in one of those. These things shouldn't be left lying around!" The pheasant carefully stepped around the trap and went on its way.

          Then, a turkey came down the path. Upon seeing the snare, it said, "Wow! A trap! I wonder if it works ..."

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